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          Experience our Demos at MWC Barcelona


          eSIM Revolution 

          The advent of eSIM-compliant devices has opened up a new era in the distribution model of mobile subscription and connectivity across a variety of players, including OEMs, car manufacturers and mobile connectivity providers. 

          Turning Things On is Gemalto's view on how the eSIM is paving the way for connecting the array of smart 'things in consumer and M2M markets,' and bringing them to life. 

          Gemalto's eSIM solutions intend to accelerate and simplify the pervasiveness of mobile connectivity across the various (p)layers of this evolving ecosystem:

          • eUICC – Addressing the new form factor challenges across multiple devices
          • eSIM generation management – Trustworthily providing eSIM profile identity
          • eSIM management – Enhancing mobile connectivity lifecycle management

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          Trusted Digital Identity 

          Trusted Digital Identity: Making the leap into a digital future

          Digital transformation is already well on its way, together with a global shift towards digital identification systems.

          This is prompting MNOs to rethink how they interact with their customers and to redesign their services to bring new opportunities.

          In this context, Trusted Digital Identity services are paramount for each step of the customer journey, from onboarding through to authentication to access new services.

          Every step of this experience must be secure and seamless. 

          Visit our booth to see how Gemalto is enabling secure and seamless in-store digital enrolment and biometric authentication.

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          The Future of IoT

          The Future of IoT 

          With 5G connectivity on the horizon, the Internet of Everything is well on the way! To support continued IoT growth and evolution, Gemalto's broad portfolio of Cinterion? IoT Modules, Terminals and Modem Cards connect any IoT application today while enabling seamless evolution to next generation networks as they mature.

          Gemalto's off-the-shelf connectivity and security services provide IoT device lifecycle management and rate plan optimization while securing data-to-cloud journey

          IoT-dedicated Gemalto security solutions keep devices and data protected from cybersecurity threats.

          Visit us to experience immersive AR demos that show how Gemalto is enabling the future of IoT for a variety of industries including automotive, smart metering, or commercial drones and more!

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          Meet with us at Mobile World Congress Barcelona!

          Come and meet the experts from Gemalto.
          Hall2 – Stand N° 2J41

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