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          M2M and IoT Solutions, what's the difference?

          Gemalto offers a broad portfolio of M2M and IoT solutions, services and software platforms that allow enterprises and people to Connect, Secure and Monetize our connected world and trust in a world of new mobility. We provide the technology bricks customers need to simplify and speed design, development and deployment of IoT solutions and assure the security, reliability and long life of IoT technology. To better understand our offering, some background information and a primer on IoT acronyms is helpful!

          What is M2M?

          M2M stands for “Machine to Machine” and it is a broad label used to describe any technology that allows devices, objects and machines to exchange information and perform actions without assistance from people. For example, the radio chip embedded in an IoT solution that enables communication over cellular networks is often referred to as an “M2M Module”. 

          In the complex IoT marketplace, M2M and IoT are sometimes used interchangeably but actually they have slightly different meanings.?

          What is IoT?

          IoT stands for the “Internet of Things”, a system of interrelated devices, machines and objects that are connected over wireless networks and that use unique identifiers to exchange and analyze data in the cloud without requiring human interaction. In essence, the IoT is enabled by integrating data from many different and disparate M2M devices and leveraging cloud based software platforms to transform that data into actionable intelligence. ?This IoT intelligence is used to optimize business and simplify processes. Another way to think of it – the IoT is a nexus of devices, objects, things and data connected by M2M modules. 

          To learn more about the use of IoT technology in a variety of industries we invite you to check out some examples.

          Gemalto helps you overcome IoT complexity

          We aim to simplify the complex IoT ecosystem by being a one stop shop for everything needed to design, develop and launch innovative IoT technology. Our customers include Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), service providers, OEMs, developers, integrators, distributors, software engineers, inventors and IoT hobbyists bringing to life many IoT Industries. We invite you to learn more about this technology directly from IoT experts

          Our complete offer includes all the essential technology building blocks needed to Connect, Secure and Monetize IoT solutions:

          Connectivity solutions

          • Cinterion? IoT modules, a large portfolio of radio chips embedded in IoT solutions to enable cellular communication. Cinterion IoT Modules are organized into four product families according to features and capabilities.
          • Cinterion IoT terminals, a family of plug and play IoT connectivity solutions that work out of the box to connect industrial assets and processes.
          • M2M SIM cards, also known as Machine Identification Modules (MIMs)?, they provide a unique identity, security and encryption technology for IoT devices that operate on cellular networks.
          • Quality of Services (QoS) for IoT, monitors the cellular QoS of smart objects in real time, ensuring the most reliable connectivity
          • On Demand Connectivity and eSIMtechnology - simplifies connectivity deployment and mobile subscriptions management for the entire lifecycle of devices.
          • Cinterion Module Services, a set of tools to proactively update and manage deployed applications and firmware on Cinterion modules
          • Cinterion Concept Board, an all in one development kit that gives professional developers and hobbyists alike everything needed to transform creative ideas into IoT innovations
          • Cinterion Connect Shield, an easy-to-use maker board that combines Arduino? open source with cellular connectivity
          • Gemalto Developer Community -  the definitive source for online M2M and IoT expertise, support, advice and community

          Security solutions

          • Cinterion Secure Elements, an embedded hardware device offering a tamper resistant environment to or software element that defends against security intrusions and ensures lifecycle management
          • Gemalto Trusted Key Manager, an advanced platform for secure identification and authentication of all IoT ecosystem players. It ensures the confidentiality and integrity of all transferred data.
          • IoT Security and Design Consulting, provides risk assessment and security architecture planning and advice

          Monetization solutions

          • Entitlement Management Solution, enables the activation and provisioning of cloud, on-premise and embedded software applications from a single platform
          • IP Protection, ensures brand protection by keeping your trade secrets from competitive theft and reverse engineering
          • Cloud Monetization, helps leverage the cloud′s full potential to define, provision, control and track service offering