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          Contact Gemalto Security Officers

          ?You have been made aware of a security threat, risk or incident that could impact Gemalto products, services, affiliates, partners, customers or employees, please report it to Gemalto Corporate Security Officers:

          Preferred contact method

          Email address and PGP Key


          ??In case of sensitive information please encrypt your email using PGP.

          Gemalto CSIRT PGP Key

          ID: 22F798E9
          Hash: 4F70 146C 5D16 A1F8 E0D9 F0BB 1654 DDAC 22F7 98E9

          A few words about the Gemalto CERT (GTO-CERT)

          The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) from Gemalto is an organization that reinforce the prevention and protection against Cyber security risks.

          This organization operates according to RFC2350 which specifies the expectations for Computer Security Incident Response. Gemalto-CERT RFC2350

          Gemalto CERT is recognized and accredited by Trusted Introducer consortium.

          The Gemalto CERT is made of several experts in Cyber defence, Cyber criminality and Incident Response, encompassing forensics, network investigations and penetration testing. Our experts are certified: GIAC Forensics, Malware Reverse Engineering, Ethical Hacking, depending on their scope of responsibilities.