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          Gemalto Awards

          ????????????????????Gemalto strives for excellence in everything we do and we are proud of the awards and recognition accorded to us by others i?n the fields of innovation, marketing and business, the quality of our solutions, and our people.?


          • September 12 | Gemalto won Future Digital Award for Technology and Innovation 2019 with Gemalto Instant Connect

            ?Gemalto has received the Future Digital Awards for Technology and Innovation 2019 in the category of the Smart City Innovation of the Year for its Gemalto Instant Connect solution.?

            ?Gemalto Instant Connect relies on a revolutionary mobile connectivity mechanism which allows OEMs and mobile operators to remotely and automatically provide a mobile subscription to any unconnected eSIM-ready device at first power-on.

            Presented by hi-tech research and analysis firm Juniper Research, this category recognises the most innovative and impactful technology products operating across numerous sectors, including: Automotive; Devices; Energy; IoT; Smart Cities; Smart Homes.

            "This recognition from Juniper Research rewards our vision to make eSIM accessible to the largest number of stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem –starting from mobile operators, to subscribers, to consumer electronics & IoT device OEMs.", said Emmanuel Unguran, EVP Mobile Connectivity Solutions at Thales. "Gemalto Instant Connect aims at drastically simplifying the connection of eSIM-enabled devices on a mobile network from the first power-on."

            Gemalto Instant connect is part of the numerous initiatives led by Gemalto to stay at the forefront of eSIM innovation. In July 2019, global industry analysis firm Counterpoint has recognised Thales as the eSIM leading provider, in both hardware-based embedded SIM and eSIM management solutions.

            Future Digital Awards are determined by a panel of judges, from within Juniper Research, and in consultation with external experts. The judging criteria includes analysis of product features and user benefits; innovation; commercial partnerships; commercial launches; certification & compliance; and, potential future business development.